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Project Stages 

Project Program (click on image to download PDF):

This program is based on a R2 000 000 project for new work.  It shows the normal time frames, scope of works, fee spread, what is to be expected, etc. over the duration of a project. Town planning rezoning, building line relaxation, heritage application, etc. were not taken into account.  Some estate approval conditions and requirements vary drastically and will be treated on an ad-hoc basis.

Stage 1 - Concept Design:

Conceptual functionality & planning is presented in diagrammatical line drawings taking site and climatic conditions into account. This ensures quick decisions & objectivity.  Where applicable, alternatives are presented to ensure all avenues are evaluated. The Concept might be accompanied by a perspective drawing or model to generate a 'feel' for the project.  The conceptual design may involve one to three meetings, reworking and finalising the conceptual layouts & functions.

Stage 2a - Design Development:

The conceptual design is developed into a building.  Plans are done in more detail, showing elevations and possible sections. This enables us to make proper design decisions on the suitability of materials and services, the appointment of consultants and review cost estimates. In some circumstances a 3D graphic model is developed.

"I know that every penny counts, be it a R 10 mil. or a R100 000 project. I work according to your budget doing cost estimates and updating them as the project progresses so that we can make calculated decisions.  I consistently strive to achieve maximum value for money, always bearing in mind the need for quality and optimal space utilisation."

Stage 2b - Statutory Documentation:

Computer generated drawings are done for the local council approval showing room dimensions, proposed materials and finishes. The documentation to show adequate lighting and ventilation, plumbing articulation and position of connection indicated.  Drawings done as per the National Building Regulation and as per the National Home Builders Registration Council.  Detailed calculations are done to show that the building's lightings energy consumption, fenestration and insulation complies with SANS 10400 XA.


Stage 3 - Technical Documentation:

"I prepare detailed technical documentation (otherwise referred to as working drawings). These drawings not only detail the work to be done but form the basis of all tenders. This gives us the advantage of comparing all the tenders on the same basis. Even more importantly:  It gives you a realistic indication of the end building costs (lump sum contracts) because all the work to be done has been detailed, thereby limiting so-called extras."

Stage 4 - Contract Administration (click on image to download PDF):

" I co-ordinate the building contract (JBCC). This is a standard building contract that has been tried and proven by the SA Association of Quantity Surveyors, Building Industries Federation, Institute of Architects, Consulting Engineers, Property Owners Association and the Specialist Engineering Contracts Committee. I ensure that you as the employer and the contractor comply with the required contractual performances."

"I inspect the work and keep records. This ensures that you get what you pay for, that the quality and materials as specified are met. It does no good trying to solve the damp problem when the building is finished because the damp proof course has been omitted!  Huge cracks in your designer lounge quickly causes your investment value to plummet. Keeping records also reduces heated discussions over who said what when, resulting in poor quality or unnecessary stress levels on your side."

"I certify payments to be made. This ensures that you pay for work done correctly. If you overpay you may end up with the project only 3/4 finished or dragging on for ages. If you underpay, the contractor goes insolvent and leaves you with the work unfinished which will cost double the cost to complete. I also cost any additions or omissions that do arise. This ensures that you are not taken for a ride and that everybody is treated fairly."

Supplementary Services:

e.g. Cupboard design